The Greenstick Fracture

A fast-paced comedic thriller that’s equal parts The Flight Attendant and Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Available May 22 from Down & Out Books.

Unassuming med student Edwin Greenstick’s self-esteem hits a new low when his long-time girlfriend unexpectedly dumps him. In his despair, Edwin has one drink too many and wakes up with a broken right hand and no memory of the night before. Edwin soon finds himself pursued by a trio of wannabe mafiosos who accuse him of stealing two hundred grand in mob money, an FBI agent who suspects him in the disappearance of a murder witness, and a streetwise redhead looking to collect on a bet he may or may not have placed the night before. Piecing together what happened will require a quick wit and a cool head. Regrettably, Edwin has neither of those qualities.

NOW AVAILABLE from Down & Out Books


The only time Guy McCann stops talking is when he’s downing scotch. Guy was a hot-shot attorney for the West Coast mafia until he got cold feet and split town, earning a target on his head. Now he’s lying low in Las Vegas, giving back-room legal advice to second-rate crooks while pining over his old girlfriend Blair, a syndicate working girl with a razor wit and zero inhibitions.

When Blair is committed to a psychiatric ward, Guy is drawn back to the dangerous underworld of Los Angeles. Next thing he knows, Blair has escaped from the hospital and Guy’s former mafia associates are on her trail, with Guy caught in the crossfire.

Enter Dr. Happy, a mob physician dissatisfied with performing hotel room surgeries. Suspecting Blair holds a secret that might be their ticket to freedom from the syndicate, Dr. Happy forces his unsolicited assistance and callous bedside manner onto Guy. With the not-so-good doctor in tow, Guy follows Blair’s demented trail of breadcrumbs through nightclubs and major league ballparks, pursued by a switchblade-happy mafioso with a penchant for disembowelment. All Guy wants is to survive long enough to find Blair, but she may not want to be found.

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